The Unending Subtleties of River Power [July 27, 2012]

Jul 28, 2012 by UnendingSubtleties

Another day, same old routine. 


The Warlocks : Slip Beneath | 
F/i: The Circle Is The Square | 
Moon Duo: Scars | 
Wooden Shjips: We Ask You To Ride | 
Charalambides: Same Old Routine | 
Echo Lake: Another Day | 
Tangerine Dream: Birth Of Liquid Plejades | 
Bardo Pond: Yellow Turban | 
The Flaming Lips & Neon Indian: Alan's Theremin | 
Michael Hoenig: Hanging Garden Transfer | 
SubArachnoid Space: Honorable Mention | 
Levitation: Embedded | 
Stereolab: Nihilist Assault Group | 
Pan American: Lights On Water

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