Feeding Time-2021-06-11-New Finds From Africa

Jun 12, 2021 by Feeding Time

New Finds  From Africa, Thanks to B.K. for sending me this great music. 

Playlist, not in to much order:

Debademba - Pleine Lune

                  - Electric Jam - 2007

Boolumbal - Nduunga

Idrissa Soumouro - Berebere

                           - Aou Be Di

Coton D Afric - Peau De Cherre

Steve NT - Ton Ton Le Blanc

Lamtoro - Copain Serere

Walfadjiri - Sehil

               - Ebeni

Djmawa Africa - Dellali

Hampate & Sahel Blues - Poullho

Mounawar - Wami Djeni

                - Mama - Live At The Satalite Cafe - France



Download Feeding Time-2021-06-11-New Finds From Africa as MP3


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