Feeding Time-2020-10-30-Shitmix

Nov 14, 2020 by Feeding Time

Mostly Folk, some Instrumental and a dash of Psychobilly. 

Playlist : 

 Mariee Soix - Bundles

                   - Buried In Teeth

Tony Allen - Kindness

                - Arya

John Butler - Ocean

Juzzie Smith - Bluesberry Jam

Mean Mary - Blazing

Mike Love - Babalon Central

Billy Strings - Taking Water

S.P.A.H.M. - Human Hunter

Los Gatos Locos - Hunting Humans

Justin Johnson - Son Of A Wich

                      - All I can Do Is Cry

The Be Good Tanya,s - When Doves Cry

The Baboons - Devil Moon

                   - It,s Dark

Alice Phoeb Lou - She

                        - Bongo Bong

Tommy Emanual - Sultans Of Swing


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