country roads celtic bliss-2015-04-18

Apr 21, 2015 by Country Roads & Celtic Bliss

PamTillis  - I was blown away

BarbaraLynn Doran-  With you

Barenaked Ladies- It's all been done

Robin Brock-7 pieces

Canadian Zephyr-Rock and roll lady

Stone soup(spoken word)                                             

Dr.Hook and the medicine show-The wonderful soup stone

Alan Jackson-Livin'on love

Hisland- New Orleans

Jupiter Jill-Born to be a Canadian Outlaw

James Buddy Rogers- Disappearing baby blues

FM-Phasers on Stun

Jannocke-Let it go


Silly Wizzard-The valey of Strathmore

April Verch-This Melody

Julian Jannetta-Please don't go

Enter the Haggis-Balto

Cry for Eden-Truth beyond reason

Robin Brock-The Witching hour

Silly Wizzard-Wi'my dog and gun

                 -Isla waters

The Corrib Folk-Whisky on a Sunday


Tiller's Folly-Chatam Reach

                -Down at Gassy Jack's

                -Spanish Banks

                -When I pass this way again




Soup of the day:Peasant Soup  








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