The Unending Subtleties of River Power [November 20, 2020]

Nov 23, 2020 by UnendingSubtleties

Another wheelbarrow piled high with delightful treats from 2020, plus a couple prereleased tracks from 2021 releases (Kikagaku Moyo, Here Lies Man) and one throwback to 2014 (Verma). 


Acid Mess: El Reflejo De Su Piel |
Kikagaku Moyo: Smoke And Mirrors (Live) |
GÅS: Epitaph |
Black Sand: Revolution |
Turning: Absence At Entrance |
Korb: The Beyond |
Spatial Moods: Gira-Sol |
Sunburned Hand Of The Man: The Great Hope |
Garcia Peoples: Painting A Vision That Carries |
Buried Feather: Earthquake |
Here Lies Man: I Told You (You Shall Die) |
The Asteroid No. 4: Paint It Green |
Causa Sui: Szabodelico |
Flavor Crystals: The Azure Pearl |
Hey Colossus: Dead Songs For Dead Sires |
VanishingLines: Denazification |
Special Cases: The Road |
Verma: Hologrammer


Intro music: "Trans Martian Disko" by Moonwood. Outro music: "Seasons" by Sounds Around.

[GIF courtesy of Necessary Disorder.]

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