It's Let's Talk Trash's 100th show!

Jul 1, 2019 by LetsTalkTrash

Tune in and celebrate our 100th episode with us!  We have a slew of special guests in the studio with us joining in on the party.  There's some reminiscing, some laughs, a glimpse into a new interactive art project that's going to be at the Library this September as well as a teaser into a longer conversation we'll have next month on new science coming out about microplastics.  We'll play the interview that we didn't have time for next month!


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The Unending Subtleties of River Power [June 28, 2019]

Jul 1, 2019 by UnendingSubtleties

Halfway mark of an exciting year! 


Electric Moon: Beacon Light Hereafter |
Lamagaia: Jam 3674 |
White Manna: Eye In The Cloud That Serves As Thunder |
Dire Wolves: Every Step Is Birth |
Lamp Of The Universe: Light Receiver |
Diagram: Eisern Union |
Moon Duo: Stars Are The Light |
The Oscillation: Entity (Moron Mix) |
JuJu: I’m In Trance (Feat. Goatman) |
The Utopia Strong: Brainsurgeons 3 |
You Said Strange: Brain (Live) |
Giöbia: Silver Machine |
The Spiral Electric: The Final Moment


Intro music: "Trans Martian Disko" by Moonwood. Outro music: "Seasons" by Sounds Around.

[GIF courtesy of Necessary Disorder.]

Download The Unending Subtleties of River Power [June 28, 2019] as MP3

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