Sep 10, 2015 by Bushwhack

BUSHWHACK! for September 9th.  This one's about pickles.  With special guest, Lydia!


Music from:

open relationship
this bike is a pipe bomb
wingnut dishwasher union


And more!

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Sep 10, 2015 by Bushwhack

BUSHWHACK! for September 2nd.  Talking autumn medicinal herbs with Kristi of Woodwitch Wildcrafts.  Music from Katie and the Lichen, Sleater-Kinney, Mogli and the Dirty Sisters, and more!

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Aug 27, 2015 by Bushwhack

BUSHWHACK!  The water-into-wine edition.

Music from:


Pigs Parlament


And more....

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Aug 27, 2015 by Bushwhack

BUSHWHACK! from August 19th, with special guests from the Country Grind and a reportback from Burgerfest in Vancouver.  Heavy metal and burgers, what's not to like?


Music from:

Ramshackle Glory

Appalachian Terror Unit




And more...

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Lost BUSHWHACK! Podcast #1: August 5 2015

Aug 14, 2015 by Bushwhack

I've been behind on posting podcasts because I've been too busy farming.  But I'm trying to get caught up, so watch for more Lost BUSHWHACK! Podcasts over the coming weeks.  Here's a podcast that's mostly about farming, so that's appropriate.


BUSHWHACK! August 5, 2015

-Interview with Julius McGee, Universtiy of Oregon:  Does Certified Organic Farming Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

-Some thoughts on elections

-Music from TV On The Radio, Bikini Kill, and more!

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Aug 13, 2015 by Bushwhack

Back in the podcasting saddle!  This week:


-My favourite excerpts from the summer edition of The Country Grind

-A chat about invasive species with B. from Denman Island

-Music by Kimya Dawson, Appalachian Terror Unit, Agatha, and more!

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May 8, 2015 by Bushwhack

Save Lot 450 Update

Raging Grannies, live in the studio!

Radical History: Haymarket, and the IWW.

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May 3, 2015 by Bushwhack

Solidarity from Cortes Island

Radical ABC's: B is for Blockade

Animal Encounters


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Apr 23, 2015 by Bushwhack

rin takes the controls while Tricia is away. On this week's show:


Agricultural Land Reserve

Vancouver oil spill

Under Construction: stories of life in unfinished houses


and of course lots of great music for the revolution!

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Apr 23, 2015 by Bushwhack

Tricia flies solo while rin takes a sick day.  On this week's show:


BP Oil spill 5 years later

Naomi Klein

Ahmer Rahman


And of course lots of great music.  See you in the woods!

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Apr 8, 2015 by Bushwhack

The show for rural radicals.

On this week's show:

Talking coastal connections and rural solidarity with The Filthy Politicians

Radical history: Eagle Ridge Bluffs protests

Radical ABCs: A is for Anarchy!


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Bushwhack! April 1 2015

Apr 8, 2015 by Bushwhack

The inaugural episode of Bushwhack! The show for rural radicals.


What's a rural radical?

Heiltsuk Nation herring fight win!

Reportback from State of Extraction

Radical history: desegrgation, slave uprisings, and the Black Panthers.



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