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AL NAKBA: The Palestinian Catastrophe

1948-Benny Brunner & Alexandra Jansse,

Duel of Fates 8-Bit, Bloody Like The Day

You were Born-Whores, Fat Cap Boogie-

Skanky Ho


“The Palestinian Holocaust is unsurpassed in history. For a country to be occupied, emptied of its people, its physical and cultural landmarks obliterated, its destruction hailed as a miraculous act of God, all done according to a premeditated plan, meticulously executed, internationally supported, and still maintained today...”

– Dr. Salman Abu-Sitta, Palestine Right Of Return, Sacred, Legal, and Possible

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The Great Book Robbery
Winston Churchill sent the Black and Tans to Palestine
Life Before the Expulsion in Palestine
Refugee return to Palestine is practical as well as just

An Even Keel

Mar 25, 2017 by

England Sucks

England Sucks-Gop, Tosihiba 2060-Xerophonics, Exorcising Demons from The Hempstead Bus Depot-The Breast Fed Yak, Hippies & Cops-Eugene Chadbourne, What The Bible Says about Drugs-Chris Winkler, Kisune 5-Taku Unami, Kono Yo Ni Yomeri#2-Yasuaki Shimizu , Untitled-The Tape Beatles, Chaos Equlibrium-Egghatcher, Henry Clay-Lake of Dracula, Sacrifice-Flipper, Petulant Bureaucrats Pummeled by Peanut Butter-Fat Worm of Error, Beat on The Brat-Ramones, Also Sprach Zarathustra-Richard Strauss, Canon Np 6545 (Serial#NC512633), Xerox Docucolor 12-Xerophonics, I Love That Girl Amonia-Billy Childish

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An Even Keel

Mar 19, 2017 by

How Many T-Bone

Steaks Can I Fit In

My Pants

How Many T-Bone Steaks Can I Fit in My Pants-B.A. Johnston, Telestar-The Tornados, I Worn My Elbows-Ivor Cutler, You Don't Love Me Yet-Bongwater, Mu's Mansion-DJ Brace, Come Out Tonight-Steven Jesse Bernstein, Upside Down-The Jesus and Mary Chain, Where You Vanished Off The Edges of a Cul-de-sac, Like Falling of a Map +Where You Vanished Off The Edges of a Cul-de-sac, Like Falling of a Map-Look to The North+Aestivate part 2-A.J. Cornell+Harriet was Here, Less So Now-Look To The North, Cursed Realms (of the Winterdemons)-Sunn O))), Take Things From Work-King Missile, Spitting In The Faces of Fools As a Source of Nutrition-The Locust, La Gazza Ladra-Wendy Carlos, Poop Ship Destroyer-Ween, Milk Rock-Kraftwork, Nazi Girlfriend-Iggy Pop, If I had Possesion Over Pancake Day-Half Man Half Biscuit, Im Suden-Cluster, Bat Chain Puller-Captain Beefheart, I'm 5 Years Ahead of My Time-The Third Bardo

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An Even Keel

Feb 26, 2017 by

We Are Time

We Are Time-The Pop Group, Telstar-The Tornados, Snakes Mistakes-Dan Deacon, Fur Die Katz-Cluster, America Is My Zoo-Latern, Badassgasarian-Dj Pantshead vs. Ross Bagdasarin vs. The Tablist, Happy Collape-Son of Spam, The Way It Began-The Fabulous Entourage, Slip It In-Black Flag, 3 al Dabke(Hatee Eedak Ya Nouna)-Nour El Hoda, You Paid For It-Drainolith, Breathing Warm Ups-Pierre Raymonde & Bugs Bower, The Incurable Convalescence + The Endless Ecstacy of The Intransmisable-To Live and Shave in LA, The Wizard-Black Sabbath, The Band Played Waltzing Matilda-The Pogues, Ebisu-Hitoshi Kojo, Village Cremation-Woven Skull, Still Water-Astro

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An Even Keel

Feb 19, 2017 by


Hate-Iggy Pop,Telstar-The Tornados, Hippy Smell-Ween, This is Something for The Radio-Biz Markie, 5OIO2-OOIOO, Nobody's Place-Shockabilly, Love Will Make a Better You-Love Live Life, Sacrifice-Flipper, I Don't Belong-Jerry's Kids, Untitled+Untitled-Eliane Radigue, +Dog+-+Dog+, Ay Carmela-The Ex, Blue Mambo-Sun City Girls, Shigemi-Hitoshi Kojo + Leiyla Visitations Eight-Halim El Dabh, Aminèy-Tsèhaytu Bèraki, El Tinku-Victor Jara, Atacamenos-Illapu, Untitled-Reynols, Twelve Drumming Messages-David Toostwyk, 251-376-Various Artists, My Tree Bears no Friut-Kevin Drumm, Soundscape-Klaus Hinrich Stahmer, Tarp Blowing in The Wind, Prague-Jfrede, Snow-Mekons

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An Even Keel

Feb 5, 2017 by

Everybody Deserves

to be Fucked

Everybody Deserves to be Fucked-Sex in Dallas, Telstar-The Tornados, 3rd World-Immortal Technique & DJ Green Latern, Brown-John Oswald, Atlas-Battles, Untitled- Mystic Moog Orchestra, 50 Year Old Man-The Fall, Fuck Compton-Tim Dog, The Hitler Song-Czechoslovakian Cock, Fuck Disco Beats-The Hunches, Fly Fucker Fly-Lightning Bolt, We Eat the People & Tropical Cancer-Porest, Fugitive-Zoviet France, Der Fuehrer's Face-Spike Jones, Interspecies Arrival at the Colony Dining Hall-Xome vs Tralphaz +Frog Chorus-Echos of Nature+ Lowest Common Denominator-Napalm Death, Across 110th Street-Bobby Womack & Peace,Things Will Never Be The Same-Black Dice, The Law of Repetition-The Tape Beatles, Whatever Happened to Vileness Fats?-The Residents, Amoeba-The Adolescents

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An Even Keel

Jan 15, 2017 by

In Relation To What?

In Relation to What?-Accent for a Change, Telstar-The Tornados, Rad vs. Czech Cock-Czechoslovakian Cock, Supira-Goblin,The Anchor Stone-Joan Jonas, Attack Decay-Thomas Leer & Robert Rental, Make Mine Opium-David UU, Run Paint Run Run--Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band, Shaved Women-Crass, Teacher Travel-Marc Riley & The Creepers, An Older Lover-The Fall, Slow Death-Leather Nun, Weakling-Swans, The Mountain Lake-Bill Bissett, Dance-Boris Dzaneck, Neu Smell+Tube Disasters-Flux of Pink Indians, Killing Time-Massacre, Hobgoblins-Mount Vernon Arts Lab, Backbreaker-Missing Foundation, Stairway to Croyden-Dan Melchoir, A Bhríde Bheag Chroín-Nell Ní Chróinín, 35° 40' N 139° 42' E Hour One-Thomas Koner, Big Mother is Watching-Pauline Oliveros


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An Even Keel

Jan 15, 2017 by

Sloppy Drunks

Sloppy Drunks-Country Mike, Telstar-The Tornados, Hound Dog-Big Mama Thorton, Warm Leatherette-The Normal, I Live Off You-X-Ray Spex, Hate The Police-The Dicks, Onwards 9,5-Eliane Radigue+Daniel Menche+Drifting Depths-Pauline Oliveros+Beneath the Forest Floor-Hildegard Westerkamp+Off The Wall-Yoshi Wada+Now You Know-Winters in Osaka+Snow Fall in December-S.Arden Hill+Celestial Power-Henry Flint+Ra at Dawn-Sunno))) meets Nurse with Wound+ 43° 42' N 7° 16'E-Thomas Koner+Aspekt-Konrad Boehmer+Monkey-Big City Orchestra, Is That all There is?-Peggy Lee, 1970-The Stooges, Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More-Mudhoney, Cia Man-The Fugs, Enjoy Yourself-The Specials

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An Even Keel

Dec 11, 2016 by

Magic Carpet of The Holocaust


Skanky Panky-Kid Koala,

Telstar-The Tornados, 4th

Chamber-GZA w/Ghostface

Killah, She's a Moaner

-Jehosophat Blow, Can't

Fool With Me -Spaceshits,

Bored-Destroy All

Monsters, Fake Scum-Stoic

Violence, Rollin' and

Tumblin'-Muddy Waters,

Victim of Circumstances

-Roy Junior, Leave the

Capital-The Fall, You

Lost It-The Throwups,

John Wayne Was a

Nazi-Millions of Dead

Cops, Crazy Glue-Da

Slyme,Magic Carpet of

The Holocaust Revival-

Porest, 13th-Ava



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An Even Keel

Nov 27, 2016 by

The Sick Bed of CúChulainn

Shadrach-Beastie Boys, Telstar-The Tornados, Be Brave-Tropic of Cancer, I'm a Baby-Acid Baby Jesus, Same Old Me-Fred Frith, Cancer-No Trend, Do Nothing-The Specials, One Beer-MF Doom, The O-Men-Butthole Surfers, I'm a Real Nice Fellow-Nihilist Spasm Band+Fulmination-Daniel Menche+Incubation-Astro+Danse Sacrale-Igor Wakhevitch+Ego Masher-Joseph Nechvatal+I of IV-Pauline Oliveros+Demonstration at The Terminal-Pietro Grossi+Stephen O'Malley-Dolmens & Lighthouses, Busy Bee-Buddy Merrill, Mind Fuck Blues-The Hunches, Cabin Man-Cows, Syria Today+Arab Women in Focus-Porest+Full Moon-Eden Ahbez+Danse-Bernard Parmegiani, I am My Own God-Dayglo Abortions, The Sick Bed of Cú Chulainn-The Pogues

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An Even Keel

Nov 8, 2016 by

River of Shit

River of Shit-Chinese Restaurants, Jimi-Butthole Surfers, 24 Track Loop-This Heat+Track 13-Negativland+tcpd28 The Russian Man d-va +Terre de Feu-Francois Bernard Manche, Ancient Sewer Pipe, Valleta, Malta, Untitled-Greg Gorlon, Grimm & Bear it-Sunn O))+Part II-K2-Train Yard Prescence-Steve Barsotti, Track 1-Negativland+Donald Trumps acceptance speech LIVE+Track II-Nurse with Wound

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An Even Keel

Nov 1, 2016 by

We Eat The People

We Eat The People-Porest,

Telstar-The Tornados,Die-No Trend,The Field Recording-Porest,At the Bottom-The Clean,Ernesto The Crustacean-Brent Lewiis Ensemble,Swan Lake-P.i.L., Neat,Neat,Neat-The

Damned,Flipper Live

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An Even Keel

Sep 19, 2016 by

Allende, Mi Abuelo Allende

The Mark E. Smith Guide to Writing Guide-Mark E. Smith, Telstar-The Tornados, Allende, Mi Abuelo Allende-Marcia Tambutti Allende

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Every Day's An Even Keel 2016-07-22

Jul 24, 2016 by

In which Troll Burger fills in for Bad Karen

Wargasm-L7, Police Truck-Dead Kennedys, You're Gonna Die-Destroy All Monsters, Shaved Women-Crass, Can't be Funky-Bush Tetras, I Remember-MDC, Police State-Dead Prez, War Pigs-Alice Donut, Kuntz-Butthole Surfers, Kinbolton Gnome Song-Renaldo & The Loaf, The Pointed Stick Variations-The Flying Luttenbachers, Loudmouth-Ramones, I Fought the Police-Harry Pussy, Mi Primer Ácido-Pánico, Drinking Wine-Beastie Boys, Killing Me-Dead Moon


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An Even Keel

Jun 28, 2016 by

The Day The World

Turned Day-Glo

The Day The World Turned

Day-Glo-X-Ray Spex, Telstar-The

Tornados, My Pal The Tortoise-

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282, I

Hate Children-Adolescents, Sex

God Missy-Tad, Pluto-Kittens,


w/AMK,Architects Office,

Audiosyncracy, Bräker, C.Schulz,

Drängende Hebelkraft, Due

Process, factor X, Frank Dommert,

G*Park, Gfreeze, Grandbrother,

The Haters, Hirsch Quadrat, Illusion

Of Safety, Inzekt, John Wiggins,

Jörg Thomasius, Kapotte Muziek,

Lieutenant Caramel, Maeror Tri,

Merzbow, Möslang/Guhl, New

Carrollton, Not ½, PGR, Renkel

und Beins, Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck,

Sudden Infant, Vehikel & Gefäss,

Tell Me Something Good-

Sun City Girls,

Yune Dewa-Yasuaki Shimizu

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